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Ivan Beldi
Executive Advising &
Management Training


Our mission is to support our clients in achieving excellence.

We do this by offering executive advising and management training in the area of
1. Business strategy 
2. Organizational structure and processes
3. Corporate culture
4. Productivity and cost management
5. Innovation management
6. Leadership and managerial effectiveness

Our advice is developed in close cooperation with our clients. The buy-in of our client's chief decision makers and the leverage of corporate know-how are of utmost importance. With our experience we moderate and lead the process to success.

Through our sound methods and models we structure issues differently from main stream and lead to the best solutions. The vast project record with companies in very different industries, size and situation provides our clients a competent and critical sparring partner.

For management training we offer a solid academic background, combined with our empirical evidence in relevant areas. We design specific programs for our client's to best match their requirements. The training sessions are highly interactive allowing participants to reflect the content and deepen the learning. Moreover they exchange their experience and apply the learnt directly on their own management situation, for immediate impact.